On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with limited real-world experience due to budget, Bellemin showed great consistency in lap times within each session. As very smooth and methodical driver, Bellemin built up to phenomenal speed by qualifying, surging past competitors to not only lay down the fast qualifying time by two tents, but ran four other blazingly fast laps. If not for mixed conditions in the Chases slowing up Bellemin more than Brandon Hawkin, as the track dried before the final, a Bellemin/Redford showdown would have likely been a nail biter.

Off-Track Summary

It is rare when a racer “wins” a competition, but due to the other racer experiencing a mechanical did not finish (MDNF), the racer openly states the other driver should move on to the next round instead of himself. But this is exactly what Bellemin did, demonstrating his character. A consummate professional and a joy to be around, Bellemin is very humble, dedicated to improving, and very methodical in his approach. With his great attitude, desire and ability to ask great questions, Bellemin should be a first rounder.


Residing in San Francisco, California, though born in France, racing has been a passion of mine since I was very young. Like many, coming from a non-racing family made it challenging to get into the sport early on. Sim racing became my path to chase my dream and perfect my craft. Alongside sim racing, I balanced swimming and rigorous academics, taking multiple AP and Honors classes, which led to my acceptance to Virginia Tech to study Mechanical Engineering. Last year, I made the significant decision to defer my enrollment by one year to get closer to my lifelong dream of becoming a professional race car driver. I got my first job at a local bakery, saved enough money to buy my computer setup for iRacing, and used the funds to compete in Spec Miata in the San Francisco Region in the SCCA. I’ve seen considerable success both in the virtual world and in Spec Miata, achieving four world records on iRacing, challenging top esports drivers within a few months using only a Logitech G29, and securing a first and two second-place finishes in only my second and third weekends in Spec Miata. I am a dedicated and motivated individual willing to make sacrifices to achieve the dreams and goals I’ve set for myself. I believe success doesn’t come without hard work, which is why I stay on top of my job, my health, exercising, training on the sim, and social media, all of which contribute to making me a well-rounded race car driver. My ultimate dream is to compete in sports car racing and eventually the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Racing History

Karting: 2018-2019 (Sonoma Raceway Karting School); Spec Miata: 2023-2024; 2024 SFR Regional Championship (SSM), 15 races, planning to finish 2024 championship

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