On-Track Summary

Fletcher entered Prodigy Week with limited karting experience, which both helped and hindered him on track. While distributing solid speed, pushing the limits right away, the flipside was Fletcher was a bit too “handsy” with his approach to turning the car, typical in karters making the transition to cars, which is one reason top sim racers transition better to cars in their first day on track than top karters. Adaptability gets put on full display immediately for karters, which is a strength for Fletcher who did a good job of comprehending and making the adjustment, but not quite good enough as it ultimately held the highly talented driver back, preventing him from making it into the Chase bracket.

Off-Track Summary

Fletcher’s competitiveness will serve him well in the long run, as experience grows. Very focused on data and lap times, almost to a fault, when Fletcher experienced a session where the race car didn’t record the data/video for an unknown reason, his frustration showed through, driven by a lack of experience and high competitive nature. With more experience, Fletcher will adapt quicker, handle issues better, and reach his potential, which is high.


20 years old with autism, Fletcher finds his peace and inspiration behind the wheel of a race car, where it all slows down for him. I began racing last year after having a passion for it since I was 4, I have competed in 4 races so far. When I was 4 years old, I was diagnosed as with ADHD and Autism and I wasn’t expected to go through school let alone be chasing my dreams as I am now, when I was younger. My passion is racing, however for my secondary school education I studied in the JCB Academy and also went into college pursuing Engineering qualifications. I have worked as a mechanic ever since. With no further racing for me scheduled and my dream falling away from me, Racing Prodigy has been a godsend. I qualified for Racing Prodigy 9 days into beginning playing Street Kart against people who had been playing for years, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity regardless of if I make it, it’s been a truly once in a lifetime experience! Since Prodigy Week, I have been training in iRacing with Roope, dedicating hours per day in the sim and at the gym.

Racing History

2023: 4 races in the British Championship in Prokarts

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