Prodigy Search Selection Committees Offer A Second Path To Prodigy Week

The Top 25% eligible finalists from Prodigy Racing League series/tournaments have a path to Prodigy Week via the Prodigy Search Selection Committee.

Prodigy Search Selection Show 3

October 12, 2023
Prodigy Search Committee Judges:

Prodigy Search Selection Show 2

September 28, 2023
Prodigy Search Committee Judges:

Prodigy Search Selection Show 1

August 30, 2023
Prodigy Search Committee Judges:

How It Works

Eligible sim racers will be notified and would need to submit a one-minute (max) video to Racing Prodigy sharing why they deserve to receive a Prodigy Pass to compete at Prodigy Week, as well as completing a questionnaire we provide.

Racing Prodigy selects up to 10 Prodigy Search finalists from each Prodigy Racing League tournament for each Prodigy Search Committee to choose from. Committees are comprised of one real-world driver who competed in series such as Formula One, IndyCar or NASCAR and one sim racing content creator; finalists are invited to the Prodigy Search Selection Show where the judges review their criteria, provide their assessment of the finalists, and select at least one Prodigy Pass winner.

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