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Test your skills by competing against racers from around the world in our PRL gaming series and tournaments using a variety of popular titles across multiple platforms.

We are aligned with the community in supporting more opportunities in motorsports, and we welcome all – from those new to racing games looking to discover and develop their talent, to those elite sim racers seeking top e2Real competition.

Sign up today for the opportunity to win prizes and our coveted Prodigy Passes, your ticket to our real-world racing tryouts, Prodigy Week. As a Prodigy Pass recipient, you’ll receive world-class instruction from our official Human Performance Partner, PitFit, prior to Prodigy Week. While at Prodigy Week, you will be tested both on and off the track in your physical fitness, communication skills, and, of course, talent behind the wheel.

For those who learn, train, and compete at Prodigy Week, our goal in 2024 is to give you the opportunity to be one of 24 selected at Prodigy Draft, joining one of our racing teams to compete in PRL’s real-world series as a paid professional race car driver, planned to debut in 2024.

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iRacing Mazda Spec MX-5 Golden Ticket Series

Powered by SuckerPunch, this Official iRacing series will have a regular season that runs February 16 to March 31 with a one-day post-season on April 7. There are a total of six Prodigy Passes up for grabs in this series.

SK Racing PRJ Golden Ticket Series

Powered by SuckerPunch, this Official Street Kart Racing series, with three competitive events, runs February 7 to April 2 exclusively on iOS mobile devices. Race for the chance to earn one of four Prodigy Passes.

RaceRoom Mazda MX-5 Cup Golden Ticket Series

Powered by SuckerPunch, this Official RaceRoom series awards six total Prodigy Passes. PRL racers compete in up to three tournament events and an overall series leaderboard points chase running from Feb 15 – March 24.  

PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup Challenge

Starts Tuesday, September 26, 8:00 PM EDT (12:00 AM GMT)
Time Attack; single driver; fixed setup

PRL SK Racing TKM Continental Cup

Starts Wednesday, September 20, 7:00 PM EDT (11:00 PM GMT)
Daily Qualifiers – Time trials; single driver

PRL rFactor 2 Radical SR3 Cup Challenge

Monday, September 4, 8:00 PM EDT (12:00 AM GMT)
Hot-lap qualifying; single driver; fixed setup

PRL RaceRoom Tatuus F4 Cup Challenge

Tournament Complete, see Details for original prizing and information.

PRL iRacing FF1600 Cup Challenge

Tournament Complete, see Details for original prizing and information.

PRL SK Racing X30 Miami Cup

Tournament Complete, see Details for original prizing and information.

PRL iRacing GR86 Cup Open Challenge

Tournament Complete, see Details for original prizing and information.

Overview of PRL Competitions

The world’s first e2Real motorsports league kicked off Season 1 with four game publishers, 7 tournaments and 12 Prodigy Pass winners that competed at Prodigy Week, Part 1, October 30 through November 1, 2023. 

Part 2 of Season 1 expands the tournament process to include series and increases the number of Prodigy Passes awarded to attend the second Prodigy Week in May 2024 in lead-up to Prodigy Draft. Compete in premium racing competitions using your preferred accessories such as wheel & pedals, controller, keyboard, and even mobile for your chance to win.

Current Participating Games & Partners

The "Golden Ticket" of Motorsports

Prodigy Racing League gaming competitions are the way to move your journey from e2Real. Our goal is to provide up to 36 Prodigy Passes for Season 1. We will continue to roll-out opportunities to earn Prodigy Passes from PRL gaming tournaments and series to support the community and open up more opportunities for real-world racing.

Prodigy Passes provide you with a coveted, fully-paid spot at Prodigy Week, our real-world racing tryouts. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to join other deserving racers from across the world to learn, train, and compete in the Radical SR1 race car at the beautiful Atlanta Motorsports Park. You’ll be instructed by the best in the business and have access to top-notch facilities that will take your skills to the next level.

There are two ways to earn a Prodigy Pass:

  1. Win one of the Prodigy Racing League virtual racing competitions.
  2. Get selected by the Prodigy Search Committee. Finish a tournament in the Top 25%, submit a short video, and answer a questionnaire for a chance at selection. Learn more about the Prodigy Search Committee program.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a racing prodigy! Sign up for our racing competitions, and show us what you’ve got. Who knows – you just might be the next member to earn a Prodigy Pass to take the next important step to becoming a paid professional race car driver!

Catch the Prodigy Search RaceRoom & SK Racing Selection Shows - 4 Golden Tickets awarded