On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with lots of experience driving a tractor and none driving a road car or race car on track, the 15-year-old who resides on a farm in the countryside in Austria, came in as NASCAR’ Hall of Famer Bobby Labonte and influencer Cameron Das’ Prodigy Search selection, Klaffenböck was a highlight showed very good speed and improvement in the Radical SR1. Running his fastest lap of the event each session, Klaffenböck was able to learn and improve running within one second of the fastest drivers, many of whom with considerable more experience. Future is very bright for Klaffenböck, deserving of a third round pick, though a team could reach in the second round Klaffenböck is a potential future superstar.

Off-Track Summary

Energetic, respectful and a great team player, Klaffenböck is mature beyond his years and should make a great addition to any team who understands the importance of team dynamic and culture. The crew and other drivers will get behind Klaffenböck, helping to more efficiently pave the way for him to realize his on-track potential.


15-years-old from Austria, Klaffenböck lives on a farm in the countryside since he was born. Currently, I am attending a business college with a focus on IT, such as programming. I am under contract with R8G eSports as a development driver. One of my core strengths is my desire to help others, whether it’s improving or trying to achieve something. I am passionate about racing, and participating in online racing events has allowed me to showcase my competitive spirit and commitment to excellence. Online racing has taught me valuable lessons in discipline and focus. I started driving on a simulator at the age of 4, which sparked my interest in motorsports. Besides motorsport, I am also interested in football, tennis, and skiing. My goals for the future are to take every opportunity I get and make the best out of it. A few months or years ago, I never thought that something seemingly unreachable could be attainable with the right mindset and dedication. I believe new doors can open, whether in daily life or in motorsports.

Racing History

Rental karts and one hour in a race kart

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