On-Track Summary

Hawkin was the poster kid for rising to the challenge and being cool under pressure. While not the fastest out of the gate, Hawkin got faster each session. In the Chase rounds, Hawkin exceeded all expectations by eliminating a higher seed in his first round and then taking down the #1 seed in round 2 in a session featuring mixed conditions, which did not faze him. In the final round, Hawkin went up against a more experienced driver in Will Redford, who came on stronger than any by the end of competition.

Off-Track Summary

Hawkin was a stand out because he brought such positive energy to the competition. His enthusiasm showed and he quickly won over the staff and his fellow competitors. He claims is he is not super social, but everyone connected well with him. He was attentive in data sessions and clearly put what he learned to great use. Expect Hawkin to go in the first or second round.


Born in Toronto, Ontario and living in Lindsay, Ontario, after working at a factory and attending college for HVAC training, Bellemin decided to pursue a career in something that he truly enjoy, such as computers. I earned my diploma in Information Technology in April and am working to acquire my CompTIA certifications. In sim racing and at the track, I pride myself in being a good sportsman who races hard but with integrity and respect. I like to bring the same level of respect with me into everyday life. I love to help others when I am able, and try to make people’s days a little bit better, even if it’s just with a friendly “hello.” I am highly adaptable and receptive, utilizing the tools available and advice from more knowledgeable individuals to improve my skills in any given subject, especially driving. Outside of racing, snowboarding is a hobby that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid and is my favorite winter activity. I also delve into sim racing-related graphic design and video editing on occasion. In the future, I would like to learn photography and videography. The magic that creatives can pull off is quite inspiring to me. Despite my schooling and other interests, nothing compares to my passion for motorsports. Since before I can remember, it has been my dream to become a race car driver. While I always believed I might have the foundation to be a professional driver, it used to seem unrealistic. Recently, however, that dream has assumed the form of a potentially obtainable goal that I will work at my greatest ability to achieve.

Racing History

Karting career 2007-2016, 2018. Competed in Mosport Int’l Karting, Toronto Racing Association of Karters, Innisfil Kart Club, Ron Fellows Karting Challenge, and Eastern Canadian Karting Championship.

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