Let's Get Real

This is where virtual becomes real. Where real-world racing careers are forged. As these prodigies are discovered, we will be there to share their stories so the world may witness dreams turn into reality and the evolution of motorsports.

Why Racing Prodigy

Racing Prodigy has set out to open motorsports to all.
Historically, the cost of pursuing a career in motorsports has been so daunting 99% of drivers never realize the opportunity or even dare dream of becoming a professional racer. As a result, most never get to experience the thrill of racing behind the wheel.
As we in the motorsports industry battled with this problem, esports was on the rise. Nissan, McLaren, Mazda, and others were collaborating with game publishers to create racing-based esports tournaments, awarding top racing gamers with the opportunity to pilot real race cars against real life professional racers. Millions of gamers competed for a shot at their dream; it was a marketing success.
But what these companies discovered surprised them, including our own CEO who led Mazda’s competitions.
Gamers were beating real-life racers in real race cars, revealing that the skill set from virtual racing directly transfers to real race cars on real tracks. With this discovery came the realization that the access problem of real motorsports can be solved, creating the opportunity for seismic change in a sport that most young people only dream of pursuing.
While I was at Mazda, we learned firsthand that the skills from the racing games transferred to the real race cars. We saw Nissan do it. Later we would see McLaren follow suit. This discovery was a sight to see, and the proof that motorsports could be open to all.

David Cook
CEO, Racing Prodigy, Inc.

Enter Racing Prodigy

Our Vision

Entertain the world by delivering the most exciting and accessible opportunities in motorsports.

Our Mission

To create an inclusive and accessible league that reinvents and opens motorsports by engaging gamers in competitions, discovering, and developing talent, and providing sustainable real-world racing careers for those who shine.


Passionate Leadership

Assembled from real-world racing, sim racing, tech, traditional sports, and media industries, the Racing Prodigy team was built to do one thing – create and operate the world’s first e2Real sports league.

Matt Fassnacht

Executive Chairman

David Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Kent Stacy

Chief Operating Officer

Jimmi Rowland

Chief Strategy Officer

David McCaman

Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan McCaman

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Ference

Acting Chief Information Officer

Dr. Nick Molinaro

Director of Sports Psychology


Trusted Advisors

Industry specialists guide the leadership team during all crucial stages.

Rick Burton

League Creation & Management

J. Christopher Hamilton

Media Strategy

Sean Branagan

Media Innovation

Westin Workman

Esports & Tournaments

Nick McMillen

Esports & Tournaments

Kenton Koch

Real-World Racing

The Values We Hold Most Dear

Living our core values each day, without putting a wheel off track, is how we achieve motorsports for all. It’s how careers in the sport will be forged – both in and out of the race car.


We make ourselves accessible to our customers and we knock down barriers to our beloved sport for any and all regardless of socioeconomic background.


We are accountable to ourselves and each other to build a passionate, inclusive, and global community of belonging – because opportunity is upon us.


We are all going to enjoy this wild ride together – our team, our partners, our drivers, and fans. Entertainment. Excitement. Thrills. And racing for all!


We innovate for our fans, not just for the cars to go faster. We create and partner with emerging and disruptive technologies so we may discover racing prodigies.


We do what is right and tell the truth, always – because how we do things matters; accomplishing our goals is not enough.


We work as one – our team, our partners, our customers – to achieve the common goal of sustainable careers in and out of the race car.


We openly share with one another as well as our racers, teams, and fans, revealing the stories, nuance, and intricacies of our sport. Think data. Think engineering. Think more.

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