On-Track Summary

Lacking real-world racing experience entering Prodigy Week, Hörzing was quick out of the box on day one, but it was day two in the race car where he came alive. For last chance qualifying, Hörzing was placed into a different Radical SR1. While all race cars were tested on the morning of day one, Hörzing’s comfort with the new car, and specifically the brake bias, better allowed for his prodigal-level talent to show. During last chance qualifying, with cool temperature and a warming track surface, yet a new car, on his torrid flyer, Hörzing ran the fastest time of the event by .3 tents – a 1:24:3. On his final lap, three laps later, he gained an additional .2, shocking all watching. With more track time and a car comfortable to Hörzing, could he be the fastest? For his speed, Hörzing should be a first round draft pick.

Off-Track Summary

The 22-year-old Austrian, always smiling, was tied for third in PitFit’s reflex test among his group of 12, and in overall good fitness. It is anticipated that Hörzing will not only perform behind the wheel, but as a teammate and racer contracted by one of the six PRL teams.


A childhood dream, Hörzing is contracted with a flight academy, aiming to become a commercial airline pilot, training at the European Flight Academy from the Lufthansa Group. Growing up, my dream was either to fly or to race. Cars have always had a fascinating impact on me, and after my first experience in a rental kart, I knew I wanted to become a racing driver as well. Over the years, after no real-life racing opportunities presented themselves, I found my way into sim racing. Realizing I was quite quick, I was soon in some top-of-the world competitions, enhancing my skills not only on but also off the track. I learned how to analyze data, understand setup changes and what the different parameters mean, as well as getting some glimpses behind the scenes of how some racing organizations are run. In the sim one of my biggest strengths is adaptability. Once I get into a new car, on a new track or once conditions start to change I am usually one of the fastest in adapting to those changes. This is a skill I hope to be able to transfer into the real world, where I want to be at the top of my game at every session and try to be competitive every race weekend, no matter the conditions or circumstances. Outside of racing, I love to spend time with family and friends, doing some activities like hiking, sailing and mountain-biking in the beautiful area I can call home, surrounded by mountains and lakes situated at the border of the Austrian Alps.

Racing History

Rental Karts

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