On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week without real-world racing car experience, Filippa quickly found very good pace, entering last chance qualifying as a front runner to earn the judge or fan vote to move into the Chases. Edged by a more experience Dalton and Horzing who showed prodigal talent, Dino showed he is deserving of a draft pick and more seat time as a projected fourth round pick.

Off-Track Summary

One of the world’s best and most dedicated sim racers, and genuinely nice and reserved person, Dino showed his skills translate to the real cars at Prodigy Week. Signs appear he has the drive to be very good; however, the elite, in real cars, have an unquenching hunger. The question he left the judges at Prodigy Week was whether he has the hunger and the “It” factor that will help him become a future champion. Or is it the language barrier and Filippa’s overwhelmingly sweet nature that is confusing the read on Filippa? Time will tell, as Filippa is deserving of a draft pick and further opportunity.


From a small city in Argentina, starting at age five (5), Filippa started racing motorcycles, together with his brothers. I started racing in the national motorcycle championship where I had better results until finishing 6th in the final championship. Unfortunately we had to stop racing due to my grandmother’s illness. Then we returned to racing motorcycles years later but the economic situation was not the same and we had to stop again. After a few years we started training in karts and we have only competed in a few races. After finishing high school, I had to move to a bigger city to go to university, where I am currently in the final stages of graduating in Information Systems Engineering. Since I have been a sim racer for 16 years, it is a passion that I have since it is the place where I found that I can demonstrate my skills since I cannot do it in real life. My goal in life is to start a family, and to be a professional car driver and everything I do is always to achieve that.

Racing History

Raced 3 years on motorcycles and karts on dirt tracks; 4 local kart races (non-professional)

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