On-Track Summary

17-year-old from Italy, unable (due to age restriction) to gain his driver’s license, Leo entered Prodigy Week without ever having driven a car (road or race) in real life. Leo’s raw talent immediately showed through when placed in the BMW for the skid pad and autocross – one of the best performers. Come day two, when placed behind the wheel of the race car, the Italian and the Finn (Kurkipää) were top of the charts. Leo’s ability to adapt to a new vehicle and circuit incredibly quickly, was a sight to see. His technique and understanding of how to make the car go fast is special. He may be the most naturally talented in the field and should be off the board early.

Off-Track Summary

Leo was somewhat quiet off the racetrack. Although receptive to data and video, it was not as if he was looking for it and asking questions on what to do to go faster; he already had his plan and was sticking to it. He was easy to talk to and showed enthusiasm to be participating in the event.


17-year old, from Milan in Italy, Leo is currently in his penultimate year of high school and plans to attend an engineering university. I have been passionate about cars since I was born, but got introduced to the racing side of it only at 8 years old when I first went to my local karting track. Since then, racing has been my main passion. I’ve played other sports as a kid such as football, tennis, basketball and skiing, I didn’t continue any of them at a competitive level, dedicating myself to my racing career. As of today, I’ve raced and won multiple mid-level karting championships in my country, and only lately have been introduced to the top national level in Italy, getting my best result at the end of 2023 after being invited to race at the karting world championship finals in the OK-N category, finishing a strong P5 after starting the qualifying heats all the way back in P31 due to a mechanical failure. Because my parents are not able to economically support all the track days that my rivals are able to do, the most powerful tool with which I have improved as a driver has been in sim racing, particularly with race strategy, team playing and racecraft. I managed to climb the rankings in sim racing competing with the very best from all around the globe on the iRacing platform, scoring wins and podiums in various international championships. During this time, I’ve developed qualities such as being able to cope with pressure, decision-making mid-race, as well as learning to work hard in order to achieve the results I desire. My goal is to be at the top level of whatever category I’m racing in, regardless of the car or the track; beating the competition is my top priority.

Racing History

2.5 years at the national karting level; raced in Italian ROK Championship and official Italian Karting Championship in OK-N; participated in 2023 world championship finals; currently competing in 2024 Italian Karting Championship.

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