On-Track Summary

Without real racing experience, excluding rental karts, Gustavo Ariel translated his sim racing skills to the real race car as fast as anyone, ending day one in the Radical SR1 tied with Laurens Beerten as the quickest. During his second and final day in the SR1, Ariel qualified 4th, requiring him to take down three top competitors in head-to-head competition. When the pressure was highest, Ariel took down David Dalton Jr (has real-world racing experience), Laurens Beerten (edged out Gustavo in qualifying), and the Nathan Saxon (an elite real-world amateur racer) to take home the top spot in the SR1 Chase competition. Believed by the judges to strongly possess the “It factor,” Gustavo’s ability to put down a very strong opening lap and back it up with very fast, consistent laps, makes him a formidable competitor with prodigy-level capabilities, and projected top three overall pick in the draft and the front runner as first off the board.

Off-Track Summary

The 6’2″ Brazilian now hailing from Denmark possesses an unmatched work ethic in sim racing, typically investing 10 hours a day to his craft. Ariel transferred his skills, focus and methodical approach to Prodigy Week, walking in a confident yet respectful approach. Any room he walks into, he possesses the “It factor” where all in his presence know is a force to be reckon with. A native Portuguese speaker, Gustavo’s English is good, with room for improvement.


God first and racing second. An F1 fan since attending the Brazilian GP in 2001 inside his mother’s womb, Emerson Fittipaldi, Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Gilles Villeneuve and Max Verstappen are inspirations. Coming from the lower middle class, Ariel’s goal is to become a professional real-world racing driver through competing in sim racing. As a result of his innate talent and drive, the 22-year-old possesses a top 5 iRating in the world. Recognizing his talent, Tony Kanaan signed Ariel to Texaco Racing’s sim racing team; in 2024, Ariel was conquested by sim racing powerhouse Team Redline, made famous by its history of elite sim racers including F1’s Max Verstappen.

Racing History

Champion Brazil Rental Kart championship 2019 – Main category; Champion Copa SP de Kart Pro 500 Light 2019; 3rd place 500 Miles karting Light category 2017; +15 regional rental kart championships

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