On-Track Summary

Werle entered Prodigy Week with no relevant real-world racing experience. A standout in sim racing, Werle needs another opportunity behind the wheel of a real race car to show his talent. With decent pace on track, he was consistent and smart but ultimately didn’t push the car as hard as most of the others. On the outside looking in, it is projected that it will be up to the fan vote whether to buy Werle more seat time to see if his prodigy skill in the sim will translate into the real race car.

Off-Track Summary

Werle was one of the most liked by the judges with a great attitude and respected for his effort, despite his English-speaking skills being very limited. While a little harder to get to know his true personality due to a language barrier, Werle demonstrates great professionalism, respect for others, maturity and guts for flying far into a world where he spoke little of the language in his effort to pursue his dream of being a professional racing driver. The teams and fans should not overlook the skills and attributes of an elite driver who was out of his element and had only five sessions on track in the Radical SR1 with mixed conditions.


23-year-old from Brazil, Werle is almost finished studying physical education at college. I consider myself a dedicated and organized guy. I started getting involved with simulator racing in 2016 and I haven’t stopped since. My main results are reaching the finals of the Logitech G Challenge in 2022 and 2023, 3rd in TCR Virtual America and qualifying for Racing Prodigy. My hobbies are swimming and reading books. Currently, within the university, I participate in a project with people with cerebral palsy.

Racing History

Rental karting

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