On-Track Summary

Pejic entered Prodigy Week having been on a real racetrack, but the only thing notable was his performance at Prodigy Week. His excellent consistency, particularly due to his lack of real experience, may be most notable. With the race car firmly under his control, the speed will come. A solid fourth round draft pick with higher potential as the real track time grows.

Off-Track Summary

An analytical thinker with great professionalism, poise and class, Pejic will make for a good teammate and driver for any team. Worthy of a mid-to-late round draft pick with low risk.


Since a very young age, Pejic was always very passionate about Motorsports. My racing hero will always be Michael Schumacher; watching him as a small kid with my dad is what probably sparked the joy of motorsports in me. I always wanted to become a racing driver. But sadly growing up my family just didn’t have the money to pursue anything in that kind of form and instead we decided to fill the gap with Sim Racing. Then, a few years later I was a college student in Automotive Engineering which I started because that would have been an alternative way to maybe get into motorsports and follow my passion, although in a different position. But with the recent developments in sim racing and esports, that all changed when some programs like World’s Fastest Gamer came up and I started to get hope again that there might be a route to becoming a racing driver through sim racing and my lifelong dream became a possibility that seemed reachable with enough effort and sacrifice. That’s why some time ago I decided to pursue a career in sim racing doing it full-time now and trying to become the best driver I can be, always challenging myself, and hopefully through opportunities like Racing Prodigy get my shot at real-life racing and to prove myself. Other than racing, my other passions are football/soccer and going to the gym and maintaining a good fitness level.

Racing History

BMW M3 Competition Experience at the BMW test track in Maisach; small F4 Lead & Follow session at Nürburgring GP Track; 2 Caterham laps at Abu Dhabi GP Track; few road car laps at Nordschleife

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