On-Track Summary

Łukomski entered Prodigy Week without any real world racing experience and a sim history focused on ovals due to his love for NASCAR. One of the world’s best oval racers, Łukomski translated those skills to road racing, in real cars, very well. His challenge, his competitors simply have considerably more road racing experience in the sim or real cars. Comparisons aside, running getting into the 1:26 lap time range in under 90 minutes of track time is impressive. Talent is there. Track time has not been. Perhaps the only question that matters, does a team take a risk on the clear potential with other more proven drivers on draft day?

Off-Track Summary

If anyone in racing can match Dino Filippa’s sweet, genuine caring nature, it’s Domink Łukomski. Less road course experience heading into Prodigy Week relative to his competitors, Łukomski came in without enough upper body strength that almost had him miss time in the race car. Since Prodigy Week, Łukomski has dedicated himself to building his strength for his next opportunity. It should be with Racing Prodigy, but will likely be up to the fans to agree if the teams draft others.


From Poland, living in Cracow, Łukomski graduated in Business Management at Cracow University of Economics. Currently, I work at my dad’s company where I help in a variety of ways. Most of the time I operate a CNC router and a CO2 laser. My other responsibilities include coordinating our employees’ schedules, talking with clients, delivering/picking-up our products or doing some financial calculations. I usually work alone but I don’t mind working with my colleagues on group projects. Thanks to my job I learned how to deal with stress. In my free time I like to watch science videos, mainly physics and astronomy related. I’ve been interested in those topics since I was a little kid. Somewhat related to that is my interest in Sci-Fi movies. My favourite one is Star Wars franchise. I have a little collection of lego sets from Star Wars which I plan to grow in the near future. I also like to play video games and racing simulators. I’m very competitive and I often participate in special or pro-series events – most recently Indy500 topsplit on Iracing. After Prodigy Week I realized I was in a very bad shape so I started working out to improve my physical strength and stamina . My dream is to become a race car driver and I hope to fulfill this dream soon with Racing Prodigy. I love driving cars on the sim but doing this in real life is even better. I know some of the other RP participants had already been on a race track before but for me Prodigy Week was the first time ever on a real track. I’m proud of my performance and I believe I did a good job but I’m determined to work hard and keep improving myself in order to achieve this goal.

Racing History

Only rental karts once or twice a year

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