On-Track Summary

Neg entered Prodigy Week without any real-world racing experience, Neg took more time on track to convert his sim racing skills than most others. Timid in his approach to the race car, after the first session, the physicality of the race car proved a little challenging. Dedicated to his craft and desire to race in real life, Neg never gave up and was persistent in his drive to be better. With limited track time in the dry on day one, a big jump was expected in day two. Neg rose to the occasion, gaining more than two seconds on track. With more seat time, expect additional leaps to be made. But this is likely to be up to the fans.

Off-Track Summary

Neg’s personality is magnetic. Those around him are drawn to him for his fun, genuine and easy-going nature, along with great sound bites. Don’t let his fun personality distract from his high level of passion to success, demonstrated in part by high interest in consuming the data to understand how and where to go faster. Always looking for his coach and making sure he was a part of the data/video reviews, Neg is a great team player and brought a grateful, positive attitude to the table. If a team signs Neg, it will improve its team culture immediately and will find a racer deserving of a ride.


An automotive engineer or sim racing driver, depending on who is asking, he goes by Mihai Neg. So far, I have completed my bachelor’s degree as an Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications, and now I am finishing my master’s degree in Advanced Electronics Technologies in Automotive. Born and raised in Romania since 1999, funny by choice, optimist by design, I have enjoyed motorsport in various environments since a very young age, and in the later years transforming that passion into dreams and reality, be it sim racing championships like DTM, ADAC GT Masters or WTCR , sim racing teams, friends and memories and now the Prodigy Pass. After I finished my Bachelor’s Degree, I was hired as an Engineer working on validating power steering systems software for some of the biggest car brands in the world. I am proficient in analyzing data properly and understanding car dynamics, thanks to my physics classes. Being able to comprehend what is happening and why it is happening has always been one of my best skills and the driving force behind my improvement and translated well from university/work to sim racing. An underrated superpower that I possess is the ability to sleep anywhere and anytime, which greatly helped me through university. Other hobbies that I enjoy include aviation and skiing with the later practicing it yearly on various slopes across Europe. My biggest goal, which was something I couldn’t even dream about until a couple of months ago, is to become a racing driver. I hope that all the skills and expertise gathered in the past years as an engineer and also as a sim racer can help with that, if not my fantastic personality should cover the rest.

Racing History


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