On-Track Summary

A winner from the Street Kart Racing mobile game, Beerten came out of Prodigy Week Season One as the biggest, most positive surprise. Arguably the top mobile racing gamer in the world, the question of whether skills from mobile translates to real racing may have been answered. Tied for the quickest on day one in the Radical SR1, surpassing elite, real-world racing amateur drivers, running professional level times, Beerten has opened a new gateway into real-life motorsports. His speed and consistency, right out of the box, has proven that prodigies can be identified through mobile racing.

Off-Track Summary

Good physical fitness, including fast reflexes (tied for quickest among the 12 Prodigy Week part one elite drivers), an analytical mind and approach to racing, as well as a respectful, highly intelligent, great communicator, and team player, Beerten offers the total package any team should be fortunate to draft. A projected first rounder, Beerten’s potential may be limitless and will be fascinating to watch.


Beerten is a 28-year-old Belgian airline pilot, who flies a Boeing 737 for a living. Together with my lovely, supporting parents, we discovered my potential racing talent with karting at the age of 8. The dream was there; unfortunately, though, coming from a normal family, two of the three big parameters to be successful in racing (Money, Connections, Talent) were missing. After sacrificing a lot, we pulled the plug in 2011. Not wanting to give up and being a good gamer, I tried different ways to access motorsports with GT Academy 2014, as it was the most well-known. However, it was not meant to be back then. It was time to change course and study. After a few years studying chemistry at the university, there was finally an opportunity to become an airline pilot with a sponsored program; I took that opportunity with both hands. COVID struck and I started playing a mobile game, Street Kart. As one of the best gamers, and as a result of Street Kart’s partnership with Racing Prodigy, I had the biggest opportunity to build a racing career so far. Again, I took the opportunity with both hands. Dedication is clearly one of my biggest assets, next to multitasking and hand-eye-foot coordination. My goal is to prove myself to be a complete racing driver, as an example of undiscovered talent, coming from just playing on a mobile device. I want to work together with Racing Prodigy to accomplish their goal of making motorsports accessible to everyone. Follow your dreams, dare to be the greatest!

Racing History

GT Academy competitor, 2014; Karting Rotax Max Junior results: Belgian Max Challenge 2009, 2010; Benelux Karting Series 2010, 2011; RMC World Finals 2010

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