On-Track Summary

Frame entered Prodigy Week with karting experience in real life and in the Street Kart Racing game. Historically, karters have a more difficult time adapting to race cars than sim racers out of the box, making lap times less insightful than approach of learning, adaptability, and more. Competing in group one, Frame received one on-track session on the first day that was in dry conditions, versus two sessions that two other groups received. Entering qualifying with an uphill battle, Frame’s consistency on track was very good, as was her command of the race car. Her trajectory is promising if afforded another opportunity behind the wheel of the Radical SR1 race car. Projected just outside of the four rounds, a team may take a risk with a fourth round pick. If not, the fans should buy her another day behind the wheel as a reserve driver with their vote. The team or fans should step up.

Off-Track Summary

A confident, decisive, and kind young lady, the 17-year-old from the UK, is mature and will fight for what she believes in. The competitive spirit will take her far, particularly as more experience helps her to navigate the unfairness life, and racing, offers. Frame would be a good fit for any team who chooses to draft her or sign her as a reserve driver, if the cards fall this way.


From North Yorkshire in the UK, Frame is currently in college (ages 16-18) studying Law, Media and design. I have a very decisive yet creative skill set. I have a drive to succeed and will always carry on. I show good race craft and am able to make decisive moves and not reckless. I am very easy to talk to and like to have a good laugh and create bonds with new people in my downtime. In only my 3rd year of karting I am competing in the highest possible level in my class (Snr Pro Kart) I am the only girl on this grid and prove there is no difference between male and female. We as a team have had 6 consecutive podiums this year. We are 2nd in class standings after 4 rounds split by 11 points. My absolute goal is to race in GT cars as I watch the British GT with my dad. I used to dance at a high level and in 2020 was in the top 200 ballerinas in the UK.

Racing History

In 3rd year of karting; race Honda GX200 Twin engined pro karts; competes in BPEC series (11 rounds, including 6, 8, 12, and 24-hour races); raced in Le Mans 24-hour karting; competed in Teesside Sprint series; now seniors in BPEC endurance

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