On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with only rental kart experience, Maximin found good pace in the SR1, earning the top qualifying spot in his group. A driver who showed very good improvement throughout the event, and even better consistency, Maximin did not make the final leap in his last session on track – in the Chase competition – where his ultimate pace was about one second off.

Off-Track Summary

Very confident and a great communicator, Maximin possesses a champion’s spirit. As a projected third round draft pick, the question that he should get the opportunity to answer on the track later this year, “Does he have the prodigal talent to back it the confidence?”


Residing in West London, Maximin holds all GCSE grades A-C. I am a qualified electrician working in the facilities management field. In terms of racing, I am affiliated with Jimmy Broadbent’s Team87 and have raced in karts as part of his team alongside two other highly skilled sim racers. My personal attributes include confidence, a willingness to learn and practice, and excellent pressure management. My interests and hobbies are racing, playing football, fitness, and nutrition. While I have never had an extremely strong desire to be a professional racing driver, I am extremely happy to race for fun. I have a hugely competitive spirit that can only be truly expressed and made evident when racing and competing. This is what I truly enjoy about driving and racing.

Racing History

Rental karting: Club100, Club73, Daytona 24hr karting winner; Clubman RS license in the UK for rental karting league Club100.

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