On-Track Summary

Redford entered Prodigy Week with some race car experience, but it was his confidence that made it known he was a contender right out of the box. From the drop of the green flag, Redford’s lap times were fast and consistent. He explored the limits of the car and adapted to the track very quickly. He has a good understanding of car balance and setup. You can tell he has prior experience and knows how to apply it.

Off-Track Summary

Redford was very confident out of the car. Although confident, he was humble enough to ask the right questions and was interested in what he needed to do to be the best driver out there. He wasn’t the most attentive when it came to data/video reviews but he was at a higher level than the rest making a lot of the conversation uninteresting to him. Expect Redford to go in the first round and could be first off the board.


19 years old from Warrington, UK, it is Redford’s dream and goal to be a racing driver. I got into racing from the influence of my dad who has always been a massive racing fan and started sim racing when it first became a thing. He and we as a family have never had the money to support anyone racing due to both my parents being teachers. After my Dad got me into sim racing I turned to looking at ways to get into a real car and eventually got my big break from a scholarship competition to race in the Junior Saloons here in the UK. Since then I’ve worked incredibly hard to teach myself the ins and outs of the motorsport world, marketing and sponsorship deals. I’ve worked incredibly hard to raise the funds to go racing over the past 4 years and have forged some powerful partnerships with sponsors to make my dream a reality. Everything I’ve competed in I’ve always been straight to the front despite not having anywhere near the budget of my competitors and competing in a very tired car with little to no testing. On a more personal note, I currently work full time as a BMW technician for my local dealership as well as working part time as a qualified race instructor at my local track Oulton Park. Racing is my dream and it’s what keeps me going, I’m constantly searching for new opportunities, sponsors and ways to make the next step in my career and I believe Racing Prodigy is that chance. In 2021 I had my big break and jumped from sim racing to competing in the Junior Saloon Car Championship in the UK. I was offered half a season for a very good price with a top team and put the sponsorship together to make it happen. During this half season I took 5 podiums from 5 events (11 races) and finished 10th overall in the standings out of 37. The 3rd highest scoring driver over the rounds I took part in. From there I made the jump into the Milltek Sport Civic Cup, a TCR UK feeder series and one of the most competitive championships in the UK currently with multiple touring car race winners, a 3 time TCR UK champion and a multiple European Touring Car champion. Over the past two and a bit years I’ve competed in most rounds taking wins, multiple podiums and lap records. Unfortunately I’ve never quite had the budget to keep on top of the front running guys who have new tires and the like every race so it’s been incredibly tough to stay up there over a full championship. To put it into perspective the champion last year spent a total of £65,000 to bring home the championship, I only spent £25,000 including a repair from a big crash – no fault of my own. My entire budget comes from other people and sponsors and I work incredibly hard to stay on the grid round after round. Championship standings for the Civic Cup can be found through the following link – https://civic-cup.co.uk/ (this does not tell the whole story and I’d encourage a look into my social media pages and TSL Timing race results) Unfortunately, the championship standings page from the junior saloon car championship are no longer available after they updated their website but you should be able to find details on my DriverDB page online. I have since had 1 round of the Civic Cup and will continue to have another 4 throughout the rest of the year. I will also be competing in round 3 of the Radical UK Cup after impressing Radical themselves so much during Prodigy Week they have since offered me a fully supported factory drive for one round on the 22nd and 23rd of June at Oulton Park.

Racing History

Competed in the Civic Cup and Junior Saloon Car Championship; participating in five rounds of the Civic Cup this year; offered a fully supported factory drive in the Radical UK Cup after impressing during Prodigy Week

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