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PRL SK Racing TKM Continental Cup

Your next shot at a Prodigy Pass begins with the sixth PRL tournament in season 1: the TKM Continental Cup on the mobile sim, Street Kart Racing. Grab your iOS device and compete through four stages of time trials across three challenging karting tracks to claim your Prodigy Pass. Progress through the Daily Qualifiers to earn and unlock up to three Racing Prodigy TKM karts and continue your journey through the Main Event Heat and beyond! Register below; download the game; be prepared to showcase your skills as you battle for the final Prodigy Pass in the first part of Season 1 in the PRL.

Stage 1 Format

Daily Qualifiers – Time trials; single driver

Start Date & Time

Wednesday, September 20, 7:00 PM EDT (11:00 PM GMT)


Top 20% of eligible racers each day who are registered below by Stage 1 end date & time

End Date & Time

Saturday, October 7, 6:59 PM EDT (10:59 PM GMT)


1st place receives:

  • One (1) Prodigy Pass – your golden ticket to Prodigy Week!
  • 15,000 Aces (premium SK Racing in-game currency)


2nd place receives:

  • One (1) original personalized designed in-game SK Racing helmet (available to all players).
  • 12,000 Aces


3rd place receives:

  • One (1) original personalized designed in-game SK Racing helmet (available to all players).
  • 10,000 Aces


Top 10 receive:

  • One (1) limited edition PRL TKM Continental Cup t-shirt


The top performers in the Main Event (Heat, Pre-Finals, A & B Finals) will be awarded Aces based on overall finishing position in each stage. See the Race Pass leaderboard in-game for more details.

Main Event: A Final participants will all receive the premium Racing Prodigy TKM Karts (3) worth $17.97 on the App Store which can be used in all TKM championship events over the next 12 months.

The top 48 non-Prodigy Pass finalists from any SK Racing PRL Tournaments in 2023 will be eligible for a chance to compete to win a PC & sim-rig equipped with products from Official Partners of Racing Prodigy and the Prodigy Racing League, Asetek SimSports®, Sim-Lab, and GRID Engineering. This prize will be awarded to the winner at the end of 2023.

Entry Fee


Registration for this event is now closed.

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PRL SK Racing TKM Continental Cup

We are thrilled to bring you the sixth PRL tournament this season, starting September 20 – the PRL SK Racing TKM Continental Cup. For the second time this season, a PRL tournament features the popular and most realistic iOS racing simulation game, Street Kart Racing. The event provides an opportunity for virtual racers to showcase their skills and compete for premium prizes, including the coveted final Prodigy Pass for the first part of Season 1.

In the TKM Continental Cup, you have three exciting virtual kart tracks to qualify on in order to advance to the Main Event. A fast kart setup is what you will need to succeed at Wackersdorf (Germany). Todd Road (Australia) racers will benefit from a tight-kart setup for this track. PF International (England) demands a balanced kart to gain advantage at this premier karting circuit.

Those who advance in the Daily Qualifiers will unlock and receive a Racing Prodigy TKM kart with an optimized setup based on which track they qualify on. Karters may qualify on any or all of the three tracks to unluck one to three karts in Stage 1.

The Main Event Heat, Pre-Finals, and Finals will each use one of the three qualifying tracks. Which track is being used in each Stage won’t be revealed until a Stage begins, so practicing on each is essential.

Racing Prodigy’s commitment to providing greater access to opportunities for real-world racing makes the PRL SK Racing TKM Continental Cup a must-compete event. Whether you’re a seasoned sim racer or new to the world of esports or mobile gaming, this tournament offers an opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against top-tier competitors.

For those who register by October 7 at 6:59 pm EDT, you may submit an entry to Racing Prodigy to be eligible to be selected by the Prodigy Search Committee, which will issue an additional Prodigy Pass to a deserving racer live on the Prodigy Search Selection Show, October 12 at 1:00 PM EDT.

Street Kart Racing Race Pass is required to advance in the Main Event; the pass has been made available for FREE on a 30-day trial (which spans the entire tournament. ERV $5). For full details on eligibility, how to enter, tournament structure, process, timeline, prizing, and more, go to the Official Competition Rules for the PRL SK Racing TKM Continental Cup.

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