Season 1 | Tournament 7

PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup Challenge

The third PRL iRacing tournament and first oval competition is now open for registration! Battle in the Chevy Silverado Truck on the classic 1.5 mi (2.41 km) Charlotte Motor Speedway (Oval – 2018 track configuration). Two Prodigy Passes are on the line – one each from the Eastern (Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe) and Western (North and South America) Regions. Prodigy Pass winners will learn, train, and compete at Prodigy Week part 1, Oct. 30-Nov. 1 at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Enter now to compete for this opportunity and the chance to win premium sim racing products. Those who register and qualify in the Top 500 will be eligible to earn a Prodigy Pass by being selected by the Prodigy Search Committee. Registration ends Tuesday, September 26, before the Time Attack begins, so don’t miss your chance!

MUST BE REGISTERED BY SEPTEMBER 26, 3:00 PM EDT, PRIOR TO STAGE 1 TIME ATTACKS, TO COMPETE! Racing Prodigy will provide the locked-in registration list with iRacing ID’s to iRacing for entry into the time attack session.

Stage 1 Format

Time Attack; single driver; fixed setup

Start Date & Time

Tuesday, September 26, 8:00 PM EDT (12:00 AM GMT)


96 top drivers, based on region and fastest lap, who registered prior to deadline. (Two groups, 72 drivers from Western, 24 drivers from Eastern, details below)

End Date & Time

Monday, October 2, 1:00 PM EDT (5:00 PM GMT)


Prizing for Each Final

1st place receives:

2nd place receives:

3rd place receives:

One random winner from all eligible tournament participants will receive one (1) pair of Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ Sim Racing Boots and one (1) Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ Quick Release Adapter.

All eligible tournament participants will receive the Official PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup commemorative iRacing livery.

Entry Fee

$4.95 USD

Registration for this event is now closed.

Watch all the Final races LIVE on YouTube

PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup Challenge

Featuring a new format different from previous PRL iRacing tournaments, the PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup offers racers the most opportunities to advance and compete for a Prodigy Pass. The top 72 drivers with the fastest laps in the Time Attack from North and South America, and Iceland, will advance to the Wester Regional Semi-Finals. The top 24 drivers with the fastest laps in the Time Attack from Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe (countries east of Iceland) will advance to the Eastern Final. Western Semi-Finals will feature 3 races with 24 drivers each. The top 8 from each Semi-Final race will advance to the Western Regional Final.

Get ready for classic stock car racing in the rugged [Legacy] Chevy Silverado – 2008 (included with your basic iRacing membership), a full-size pickup truck with 625 horsepower and a four-speed transmission. It will be tight racing around the 1.5-mile (2.41 km) oval track at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Over – 2018 config, Track #339)!

At least two Prodigy Pass winners will come from this competition. The winners of each Regional Final will earn a Prodigy Pass to compete at Prodigy Week. For those who register and finish in the Top 500 in the Time Attacks, you may submit an entry to Racing Prodigy to be eligible to be selected by the Prodigy Search Committee, which will issue an additional Prodigy Pass to a deserving racer live on the Prodigy Search Selection Show, October 12 at 1:00 PM EDT.

The Prodigy Pass is your “golden ticket” to an all-expense-paid trip to learn, train, and compete at Prodigy Week. In addition to this real-world racing opportunity, our Official Partners, Asetek SimSports®, Sim-Lab, and GRID Engineering, will provide prizes for this competition.

Entering the PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup requires a valid iRacing account and a Racing Prodigy free or premium membership. All skill levels are welcome, from seasoned veterans to newcomers in the world of esports.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a racing prodigy and further your e2Real journey. Register now and chase your dreams from the screen to the track. For full details on eligibility, entry, structure, timeline, prizing, and more, check the Official Competition Rules for the PRL iRacing Chevrolet Silverado Cup Challenge.

Current time: 2024-05-21 20:04:07

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