On-Track Summary

Only having driven a road car once – his mom’s – and an open wheel race car one time for only a few laps in 2023, the 17-year-old Zambra came into Prodigy Week as the least experience in real cars and walked away from Prodigy Week making big strides, gaining a half a second from qualifying to last chance qualifying. Had he had one more session, Zambra may have cracked the top half of the charts, entering pro level racing lap times with seven of his competitors. Zambra’s coach, former F1, IndyCar and NASCAR great Max Papis, believes Zambra is one of the future greats of this sport, deserving of higher round draft pick than lap times would dictate. We may see a team reach for Zambra into the second or early third round.

Off-Track Summary

If one word sums up, Zambra, it’s passion. His passion to crack into real racing helps drive his work ethic in the simulator and in social media, as well as his ability to communicate, which is led by ability to listen to his coaches and apply feedback. Zambra’s natural charisma and genuine and authentic nature will make him a star both on and off the track.


18 years old and born in Zurich, Switzerland, Zambra was selected by Max Papis and Random CallSign as a Prodigy Search selection. During my childhood, I always loved digital technology and spent a lot of time playing video games with friends. Around the age of 14, in 2020, I discovered the F1 game, which I played on my Xbox with a controller. In 2021, I was gifted a Logitech wheel, and I started racing even more. I became truly passionate about it, even though I hadn’t been interested in motorsports before 2020. I began participating in online competitions and won my first prize money in 2021 in the RacingUnleashed LAN F1 motion simulator Championship. In 2022, my journey continued, and I graduated from school in the summer. I started a 4-year apprenticeship as a software developer at UBS Bank in August 2022. I continued to push forward in the sim racing scene and took it more seriously, winning significant prize money throughout 2022 and 2023. After my first real-life racing opportunity in France in a Formula BMW car, I realized that racing was what I wanted to do with my life and that I wanted to become a professional racing driver. Prodigy Week was then the biggest milestone and probably most important week in my entire life. To the end of 2023 I began focusing myself more on social media, which has also become a passion. I enjoy creating content and sharing my journey towards becoming a professional racing driver, as well as helping others make the transition from sim racing to real racing. Racing is my biggest passion, with social media following closely behind. We’ll see where the journey takes me, but one thing is very clear: I won’t give up on my dream!

Racing History

Rental karts for fun; Formula BMW in France (June 2023, sim-to-real opportunity); test day in Rotax Max kart after Prodigy Week; plans more karting test days; upcoming drive at Red Bull Ring in a KTM X-Bow (won in sim racing event).

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