On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with only two partial seasons of open wheel racing, which date back three years, as well as karting experience previous to it, Dalton was quick to find speed running just two tents off a more experienced Nathan Saxon. Showing good speed with an excellent feel on the brake in the big brake zones, as well as excellent car control, Dalton’s confidence should improve in the high speed corners with more seat time, making him a competitive front runner in the races.

Off-Track Summary

Dalton entered Prodigy Week showing very high confidence but faced a very talented driver pool, which quickly humbled Dalton. This wake-up call positively impacted his attitude by the final day, settling in better with his fellow racers and coaches. May tend to overthink and create his own level of stress, but this is not uncommon in great performers, at times. Maturation will be key in Dalton living up to his exceptional standards, and those of the coaches. His biggest ultimate limitation will not be his innate abilities, but his mental, as often with elite athletes. Will he reach his potential, and consistently stay there? A solid mid-round pick for a team with a coach and team principal who is strong on mental support to be able to reinforce Dr. Nick Molinaro’s support and guidance will help Dalton realize his potential.


Born and raised in Montclair, NJ, Dalton started racing at age 13 in karts but began studying vehicle dynamics at age 5 through Gran Turismo 2. Knowing the foundation for racing wasn’t in NJ, I moved to North Carolina in 2016 after graduating high school. There, I attended the NASCAR Technical Institute to study automotive design, repair, and NASCAR trades. Through the institute, BMW North America noticed my interest and grades, and I was offered training to become a BMW Technician in 2018, which brought me back to NJ for training at their Eastern HQ. While pursuing racing, I worked as a BMW Technician from 2018 until the end of 2022. In April 2022, I joined the team of instructors at the BMW Performance Center, as I no longer enjoyed being a technician. My experience in racing and as a BMW technician qualified me to become an instructor, and I’ve found a very good home in this role. Aside from motorsports, I thoroughly enjoy music and playing instruments. I started playing drums in 2008, guitar in 2009, and bass guitar in 2020. I released two studio albums with a band called Preppen Barium, a hard rock/rock ‘n’ roll band, and I enjoy creating drum and bass cover videos playing to Gran Turismo music. My ultimate goal in motorsports is to reach INDYCAR and become a champion. I’ve faced ageism as young as 19, with many doors unnecessarily shut without consideration of my potential. Although Racing Prodigy is striving to make our dreams of becoming full-time racing drivers a reality, many valuable years of racing were lost in my life. I am determined to rekindle the fire and momentum I once had.

Racing History

Karts 2013-2019, KA100 Senior – WKA Road Racing series; 2018-2019 – Lucas Oil Formula Car Series – 4 race events (VIR, Mid Ohio, NCM, NJMP); 2019-2020 – Formula 4 – 4 Race events (Mid Ohio, VIR, Sebring, Barber)

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