On-Track Summary

With six (6) years of club racing in sports cars, Saxon fairly quickly transitioned to the Radical SR1 and a new racetrack by qualifying 4th, putting him into the Chases. Continuing to make adjustments and showing he is capable under pressure, Nathan was fast and consistent, earning second overall to Gustavo Ariel, in a tight battle.

Off-Track Summary

Saxon’s experience under pressure, confidence at the racetrack and behind the wheel, he was methodical in his approach, never taking a wrong step. A professional, respected and respectful individual, fighting for his chance to turn pro year after year, day after day at work on the week days and the racetrack competing or coaching, Saxon possesses a never quit attitude and a passion for the sport rarely seen. He is unquestionably deserving of a first or second round draft pick and support from all those around him.


From Rhode Island and currently working as a Mechanical Engineer for a company in the defense industry, Saxon graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from New England Institute of Technology in 2018 with a 3.94 GPA. Racing began on a simulator 12 years ago, with my real-world racing career beginning six years ago, in 2018. With a very minimal budget, I have been fortunate to demonstrate my talent both on and off the track by being nominated, and then made a finalist, twice, by Mazda Motorsports for its annual Mazda MX-5 Cup Shootout. Leaning on my engineering background, I set up my own race car, and coach many other drivers, hired by racing schools, Mazda and many fellow competitors, which help me fund my racing effort as I seek to turn pro. I am a highly motivated and never stop pushing to achieve my goals and dreams. I entered the Prodigy Racing League as an alternate path to go pro, based on merit and not personal funding.

Racing History

2018-21: SCCA Spec Miata (33 races); 2020: Skip Barber F4 Series (4)/Champcar Endurance (1); 2022: Mazda MX-5 Cup Shootout Finalist, Spec MX-5 Challenge North Reg Champ (10); 2023: Spec MX-5 Challenge (10)

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