On-Track Summary

Experienced and accomplished real-life Bandolero and Legends driver, Lowe got up to speed in the Radical SR1 quickly, but applied his impressive ability to adapt to a new car and track in his third full session, qualifying, on day two. On day one, Lowe was competing in the top half of the field, .about half a second off the fastest drivers. But come qualifying the morning of day two in the SR1, when the pressure was on, Lowe screamed past the entire field, eclipsing second fastest by .2 seconds, taking P1 in qualifying, earning him a bye in round one later that afternoon. While tires sat during temperatures around 40 degrees, Lowe went head-to-head with one of Mazda Motorsports’ fastest grassroots racers, Nathan Saxon. Saxon edged Lowe each of the five lap sprint. Could the result been different had Lowe not had the bye? It is anticipated that Lowe will battle for podiums and wins in the upcoming season as a projected late second round early third round draft pick.

Off-Track Summary

Lowe is calculating, just like on track. Methodical and analytical in his approach, he is hard to shake, with an even temperament and reserved nature that will help him to gain positions on track, but may lose positions with the media, sponsors, or even fans. To reach stardom, Lowe will have to win races.


The 22-year-old American from NASCAR country, North Carolina, is a senior at UNC Charlotte majoring in mechanical engineering with a concentration in motorsports and a minor in mathematics. While pursuing my degree, I participated in Formula SAE, in which its students design, build, and compete in a formula-style race car each year at Michigan International Speedway. For 2024, I served as the Vehicle Dynamics Lead, guiding five engineers to design and manufacture the suspension system. At the 2024 competition, the team placed 2nd overall out of 108 international teams, including 3rd place finishes in endurance and autocross, 5th place in skid pad, and 6th place in fuel efficiency. My aspirations include completing my degree from UNC Charlotte, continuing to sim race at the professional level, and pursuing my dream of a real-world racing career.

Racing History

Began racing at 16; competed in Bandolero and Legend Cars with multiple wins and titles; joined BS+COMPETITION in 2024; now converting his Limited Late Model to a Late Model Stock Car.

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