On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week without car racing experience, von der Heyde showed good pace and progression in the SR1, though it did not click as quickly for the German as some others. Exiting Prodigy Week, motivated to gain real-world racing experience, Heyde acquired a kart. Talent and dedication are unquestioned. Some simply take a second event to show promise in real race cars. Jan is deserving of this additional opportunity whether it’s a draft pick or a fan save. Fans should not miss on Heyde, if the teams do.

Off-Track Summary

One of the world’s best sim racers, highly dedicated to his craft as a paid sim tester, von der Heyde is one of the most mature, professional and well-rounded across Prodigy Week Season One. As the runner-up in the Prodigy Search Selection Show, von der Heyde learned of his addition to Prodigy Week the day prior to traveling from Germany to the United States. Lacking the physical preparation time, the same level of awareness for the event plan, von der Heyde was thrust into a big stage with a lot on the line. His poise and presence were unshaken. Did it factor into his on-track performance? Heyde should drafted.


Residing in a small village called “Hennstedt” in northern Germany, Heyde is dedicated to sim racing personally and professionally. Growing up, I lived through the prime time of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel and that’s what really fueled my passion for motorsport. Because of the missing budget and the lack of infrastructure in my area (karting tracks etc.), I soon had to realize that a conventional career as a driver wouldn’t be possible. Instead I studied business administration and started working as an HR-Manager being responsible for 100+ employees. I also played competitive soccer as a goalkeeper. Alongside I have always been active in sim racing as a hobby and when the pandemic hit us, things really took off. From racing the virtual 24h of Le Mans alongside Jenson Button to representing prestigious brands like Nissan and Brabham in their respective esports programs, I achieved countless things I never thought would be possible. Even though my CV contained no relevant background in motorsports apart from sim racing, I always kept the hunger to set foot within the industry. In 2023 I was able to secure a job at Manthey-Racing, the company carrying out all factory activities from Porsche in GT Racing. I was responsible for planning and building their DiL-Simulator and now work as an operator and reference driver in the sim. Having the privilege to compare my data to the Porsche factory drivers on a daily basis, I know that I have what it takes to be successful in professional racing and I would love to prove that in the Prodigy Racing League!

Racing History

No official races; open track days in Rotax DD2 kart; owned a racing kart in early 20s but couldn’t afford to compete in official series.

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