On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with no relevant, real-world racing experience, Vielma showed above average consistency amongst his elite competitors. His focus and desire to learn helped aid him in improving. With more seat time, the lap times will continue to come down. Expect Vielma to be mid-pack to start the racing season, while earning podiums by the end.

Off-Track Summary

A division 1 collegiate scholarship recipient for track and field, Vielma is a competitor. Some fierce competitors are difficult to get along with; not Vielma. Guided by his faith in God, Vielma is genuinely kind and considerate nature, with passion and drive that few exhibit. Vielma won over the judges and should go in the first three rounds.


From La Habra, located in Orange County, California, Vielma currently works at a local indoor karting center, which helps finance his racing endeavors and provides additional track time. I am enrolled part-time in the National Motorsport Academy, pursuing a degree in Motorsports Engineering to enhance my communication skills as a driver and deepen my understanding of vehicle dynamics. With a background in track and field and cross-country, I previously held a Division I collegiate scholarship. I stepped back from this to pursue my racing career, but I maintain an athletic regimen of 50-60 miles of running per week, along with strength training and physical assessments. My commitment to fitness and nutrition drives my ambition to start an athletic club movement on the West Coast. Engaging with my community of supporters is vital, as their support enables my pursuits. I strive to create content that educates, inspires, and demonstrates what is achievable through relentless ambition. My goals in racing extend beyond speed and competitiveness; I aim to inspire thousands of people who feel their dreams are unattainable. I am passionate about sharing my faith in God, which has guided me to this point. It has been a year since I fully immersed myself in racing, and I recognize the vast opportunities for learning, growth, and overcoming challenges. Over the past year, transitioning from a full-time student-athlete to actively pursuing my dream has been extraordinary. From securing a podium finish at my first driver shootout to sim racing with some of the world’s best, forming friendships with my racing heroes, honing my craft, and competing for a chance to race against top sim racers, my journey thus far has been remarkable. I find motivation in my faith, my community, and my dedication to keep pushing forward. My dream is not only to race professionally one day, specifically in sports cars and beyond, but to inspire others to realize that fighting for what you love is worthwhile.

Racing History

Indoor rental karting; brief sessions in sports cars; driven Formula 4 and PCA Spec Porsche Boxsters; first 4-stroke karting race June 2024.

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