On-Track Summary

Romanidis displayed speed out of the box and was quickly one of the quickest in his group. Showing many fast times, but struggling more with consistency from lap to lap, while Romanidis did not find the improvement others did to put him into the top spot, his potential was clear. With more time, building on his solid fundamentals, his consistency is anticipated to match that of his sim racing career where is always at the front regardless of racetrack, Romanidis will further explore the limits of the race car, find consistency, and likely find wins once again. A driver who should be drafted, projected to be taken in the fourth round.

Off-Track Summary

Romanidis is very focused and committed to learning, and was the teams’ go-to-racer to get the group organized and to debriefs conducted on time. Always on top of the schedule, would ask to look at data, Romanidis is a quiet and reserved leader who does what he should to be great and to help his team. A very genuine and hard working individual who could be successful moving forward as an integral part of a race team, he is as committed out of the car as he is in it. Romanidis is deserving of a draft pick.


20 years old from Greece, Romanidis has been following F1 since 2009 when his dad got him hooked. From there, the passion and interest towards the whole of motorsport and racing only grew and with that the dream of one day becoming a real race car driver. I started sim racing in 2017 along with being a student, until late 2021 when I decided to take a risk and fully focus on Esports, trying to make the most of any opportunities that led from sim racing to real world driving. I got a taste of that in early 2023, winning the eROC Invitational on Assetto Corsa and getting the chance to meet some of the world’s best drivers including my favorite driver since the start Sebastian Vettel and to drive a couple of different cars on snow and ice in Sweden on the Race of Champions track, for an amazing yet brief amount of time. Since Racing Prodigy was announced later that year, I’ve been trying to qualify on a majority of the events, getting the chance this year with Prodigy Week 2. Personally, I’m a quiet and not very outgoing person most of the time, but I like to think of myself as attentive to detail, eager to learn more every day and a believer of hard work paying off. That, together with the fact I’m chasing my lifelong passion and only dream of mine, there’s no shortcuts or possibility I wouldn’t give my absolute best trying to win out there given the opportunity. Thank you and see you at the draft!

Racing History

Only rental karting for fun and the short experience in ROC

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