On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with little real-world racing experience, Pawlowski was surprised by the g-forces and the speed of the car in the beginning. As the first day went on, the speeds started to slow in his head, better enabling him to process and adapt. By his second day in the car, he was a new driver, gaining more than two seconds on track, entering the 1:25s and with it, a top 5 position when the pressure was in qualifying. One session later, in LCQ, Pawlowski found another tenth, topping the chart, but got edged in the fan vote to move to the Chases. Pawlowski will be a force to be reckoned with in the P3 championship.

Off-Track Summary

Pawlowski is very pleasant to be around off the racetrack with great enthusiasm and drive to be better. Asking all the right questions and doing what was necessary to learn and be a top driver, Pawlowski’s determination and professionalism will make him a great team member for any of the six teams. Pawlowski should go in the top two rounds, and should not be a surprise if a team reaches for him in the late first round.


26 years old living in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Pawlowski’s motorsports experience is mostly related to other Sim2Real programs he has attended in the past (i.e. World’s Fastest Gamer II 2019 and Dream2Drive 2021); while not a lot of driving experience itself, it was very valuable and memorable experiences at different, popular racetracks. I’m a full-time professional esports sim racing driver with 9 years of experience, currently racing for ITB Racing for 2 years. I’m Thrustmaster Brand Ambassador, working closely with them regarding simracing activities and brand promotion for 6 years. I’m also a Next Level Racing Brand Ambassador for 5 years. By education I’m an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, graduated from Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology. I worked as a Junior Integration Engineer in Nokia Company in Bydgoszcz in 2021, but decided to commit myself to Simracing full-time after winning the Ferrari Esports Series 2021 Finals and joining the Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team and moving to Maranello, Italy in 2022. I realistically chase the dream of becoming a real-world Racing Driver for many years. I was the finalist of World’s Fastest Gamer II sim-to-real 2 weeks Programme in late 2019 in California, where I’ve driven on legendary tracks like Laguna Seca or Willow Springs with a chance to fight for a $1 million GT3 Racing Contract. I was also a Dream2Drive sim-to-real Programme Finalist in 2021 in Lithuania, finishing as a Runner-up, missing the chance of earning a professional racing contract slightly. I’m a friendly, communicative, super competitive and hard working person, very committed to pursuing my biggest life goal of becoming a Racing Driver. I’m passionate with sports in general – I’m an amateur runner and Triathlonist, competitively starting in marathons and Iron-Mans. I play various instruments and compose music. I love to lead an adventurous life.

Racing History

Laguna Seca time trials, Willow Spring, drove Dirt Sprint Oval, Porsche 911 GT3; tested Scirocco GT24, Rotax DD2 Kart; SRO Esports GT Series prize: Lamborghini Huracan at Imola; 2023 racing debut: Silesia Ring, Mini Super S Cup

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