On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week without real-world racing experience, and about to turn 18-years-old, Caruana had good fundamentals and did well making the sim to real-life transition, but did not show the extra bit of speed he needed to stand out. He was playing the right music, but he never turned the amp up to 11. With more experience, the young driver’ high potential is likely to be realized. While the future is not as certain as some others, Caurana will hope to picked in the fourth round, as he is projected on the outside looking in. If the teams pass on him, it will be close; the fans should not.

Off-Track Summary

A very polite and friendly young man, Caruana was attentive to data study and did well applying it. While still growing, the now 18-year-old is 6’3″ (1.91m), seen as Prodigy’s gentle giant.


Residing in the UK in a town called Reading just west of London, Caruana just turned 18 years old and has also just finished his qualification in sports and exercise science. I have an experienced background in sim racing with over 4 years’ experience, and in that time I have been taken on by a team called Kimura Racing in which I have won races in leagues such as British F4 Esports, and the World Sportscar Championship. I also run a coaching business alongside my friend Ryan, in which we create content and post tips on social media helping drivers improve. My goals and aspirations for the future are quite clear for myself, being that I want to be a professional racing driver, racing in a real world series and transitioning from the sim, which is all being made a possibility by Racing Prodigy.

Racing History


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