On-Track Summary

Entering Prodigy Week with just rental kart experience, but a prodigy on the mobile game Street Kart Racing, Leonardi was conservative on track with a desire to keep the car off the wall. Leonardi made great strides in the race car, but came in and started off the furthest off pace. Leonardi performed as anticipated, continually improving, but the time ran on the event and perhaps his opportunity for a deserved second chance. Great racers generally see big leaps between their first real racing event and their second. The Prodigy team expects this would be the same for Leonardi, but it will up to the fans on whether to give him this opportunity. Leonardi is not projected to be drafted due to the level of proven talent amongst the majority of the Prodigy Week competitors, but could be a fan save.

Off-Track Summary

A great blend of confidence in himself along with self-awareness and humbleness, Leonardi became one of the Prodigy team’s favorite people. His humble upbringing, passion to race, professional and respectful nature, great communication skills, and magnetic personality draw the team to want to see him succeed. His on-track results are the only thing holding Leonardi back from being drafted. Do the fans save him? He has made fans of the Prodigy team.


31 years old, I living in Italy near Milan, my pride and joy are my wife Francesca and our little boy Filippo, who is one-and-a-half years old. By trade, I am a project manager in a telecommunications company, where my main tasks involve scheduling and planning activities on time and dealing with various difficulties that arise. I am a quiet person who enjoys spending time with my family, being in nature, reading, listening to music, and, above all, doing and watching sports. I usually practice CrossFit, running, football, and racing go-karts. My passion for racing started very early, thanks to my father, who has always raced go-karts and followed Formula 1, rally, and IndyCar with passion. At the age of 5, I got my first console game, and at 6, I got into my first go-kart. Although I never raced professionally, I often achieved lap records in my category. Unfortunately, my upbringing was quite tumultuous due to family problems, and when my parents separated when I was 8 years old, I could no longer race go-karts, but I continued on consoles. Around the age of 26-27, having achieved an independent and stable life, I resumed racing go-karts in my spare time. In 2021, I downloaded the mobile game Street Kart, intrigued by its graphics and physics, and the lack of driving assistance. As I started to settle into the game, I found it to be a very faithful simulator, which helped me improve my driving performance in real karting. Thanks to my digital skills, I was able to analyze telemetry data and videos of my races to achieve progressive and constant improvements. By playing SK daily, I managed to be firmly in the world top 10. With a great performance in a dedicated event, I earned my Prodigy Pass, which introduced me to the Racing Prodigy world!

Racing History

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