Tournament Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Last modified: July 24, 2023

This Tournament Gift Card (“Gift Card”) is issued for the sole purpose of facilitating registration for the specific tournament (“Tournament”) mentioned on the Gift Card. The following terms and conditions govern the use of this Gift Card:
  1. Limited Use: The Tournament Gift Card can only be used to register for the designated Tournament and cannot be redeemed or utilized for entry into any other tournaments, events, or activities. 


  1. Validity Period: The Gift Card is valid solely during the registration period of the specified Tournament. Once the registration period for the Tournament is over, the Gift Card shall be deemed null and void, and no further use or redemption will be permitted. 


  1. Non-Transferable: The Tournament Gift Card is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged, transferred, or sold to any other individual or entity. 


  1. Non-Refundable: The Gift Card holds no cash value and is non-refundable. It cannot be redeemed for cash or any other monetary equivalent. 


  1. Single Redemption: Each Gift Card can be used only once during the registration process of the designated Tournament.  


  1. No Replacement for Lost or Stolen Cards: The issuer of the Tournament Gift Card shall not be responsible for replacing lost or stolen virtual Gift Cards.  


  1. No Extensions or Exceptions: The validity period of the Tournament Gift Card cannot be extended, and no exceptions shall be made to the specified usage conditions. 


  1. Usage Guidelines: By using the Tournament Gift Card, the user acknowledges and agrees to abide by the Tournament’s rules, terms, and conditions, as well as any additional guidelines or requirements set forth by the Tournament organizers. 


  1. Disputes: Any disputes related to the Tournament Gift Card or its usage shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the state of Florida. 


  1. Changes to Terms: The issuer reserves the right to modify, alter, or update the terms and conditions of the Tournament Gift Card without prior notice. Users are advised to review the terms periodically to stay informed of any changes. 
By using the Tournament Gift Card, the user agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using the Gift Card.

This legal disclaimer is subject to the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction and is effective as of the date of issuance of the Tournament Gift Card. 

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