For Coaches Interested in Participating

As an open market platform, the Racing Prodigy Coaching Marketplace is designed to allow the most variety of racing and coaching content, freedom for sellers to set prices and create products, and ability for customers to receive the most valuable tools to improve and develop their talents.

The first item to be made available in the Racing Prodigy Coaching Marketplace is live one-on-one coaching. Racing Prodigy will handle the marketing, appointment scheduling, reminders, and payment processing so that coaches can focus on coaching!

Why did we create the open coaching marketplace?

  • We believe skill and work ethic should be main drivers for success; it is “open” because we don’t handpick the coaches, excluding everyone else.
  • The coach determines the price, though there are some parameters. A coach cannot charge less than $10 or more than $1,000 per hour.
  • To help grow the Prodigy Racing League, Racing Prodigy withholds 15% of the transactions, plus $1 USD from the coaches. Coaches, please consider this when you set your pricing. 
  • Down the road, we plan to enable our coaches to sell data packs, ebooks and more.
  • Customers should have confidence in their coaching selection, which is why we will have a rating and review system of the coaches.  Reviews and ratings should also further motivate great coaching services.

Want to become a coach? What to know:

  • Being a coach does not preclude you from competing in the sim racing tournaments.
  • Based on your ratings in the games, there may be no charge for a coaching membership.
  • If someone meets the 3,000 iRating and 4.0 safety rating requirement, for example, they may become a coach for free; otherwise, a link will be provided for a $9.95 per month subscription (plus a one time 19.95 setup fee) to the marketplace to try to build their customer base.
  • Below are the minimums for others games:
    • Gran Turismo – DR: A+, SR: S
    • Forza7 – DR: Pinnacle
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione – DR: Gold (9,000+)
    • F1 – DR: Master
    • Automobilista 2 – S rating
    • RaceRoom – Reputation of 85+ and overall score of 1850+
  • For more info such as about payments to the coaches (they bi-weekly), see the Coaching Marketplace Terms & Conditions details.

Ready to become part of the community?

The first step is to tell us a little about yourself. A Racing Prodigy Team Member will review your information and reach out to you to complete your profile and help get you ready to start accepting appointments!

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