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Pickles & HYDRATION Done Differently

SuckerPunch is all about being bold, having fun, and doing things differently, which is why we are thrilled to partner with Racing Prodigy, who apply these values in its pursuit of transforming motorsports by creating opportunities for all aspiring drivers.

Snacking and hydration are a critical part of every athlete’s routine, and whether sim racing or real racing, the body gets taxed. Even racers in great shape find themselves sweating, and often pounding water or the sugary neon-colored drinks before or after a race.

This is why Racing Prodigy and SuckerPunch partnered – to provide clean hydration and delicious healthy snacks to fuel gamers, athletes, and the next racing prodigies.

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Clean Hydration

If you’re prepping for your workout or are a Prodigy Pass winner who will be assessed by Racing Prodigy’s official human performance partner – PitFit Training – get your clean fuel through these shooters.
SuckerPunch shots are 2 ounces of natural, non-GMO pickle juice with added minerals and electrolytes – perfect for athletes and everyone on the move.

The Snack with Snap

They say good things come in small packages… especially when it comes to our Pickle Snack Packs. Small but mighty, get a whole lotta flavor in every pack!
Perfect for on-the-go snacking or long sessions in sim racing or at the racetrack.

Knockout Flavor

Pickles are supposed to be fun, fresh and flavorful, but so many brands on the shelf are dull and lifeless. There’s another way. So we set out to make a bolder pickle done differently.

The Champ of Chomp!
Pictured: Racing Prodigy’s Siro Zambra.

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