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Sim-lab stands at the forefront of the sim-racing industry as a distinguished manufacturer of top-tier hardware dedicated to enhancing users’ virtual racing experiences. Committed to pushing the boundaries of E-sports, Sim-lab provides uncompromising solutions that combine Dutch design with meticulous craftsmanship. With their state-of-the-art in-house engineering and production facilities, they consistently deliver outstanding products.
Founded in 2015 by Richard Schouteren, Sim-lab originated from a personal quest to find the ultimate sim-racing cockpit without exorbitant costs. Schouteren embarked on a journey to develop an exceptionally rigid yet fully adjustable cockpit. Today, Sim-lab’s P1-X sim racing cockpit has become the gold standard in the industry. With a global reach, Sim-lab supplies cockpits and accessories to customers worldwide.
Additionally, Sim-lab is excited to announce the expansion of their product lineup, featuring a range of new and exhilarating offerings. Sim-racing enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of innovative cockpits designed to elevate user experience and adjustability to new heights. The forthcoming collection will also include cutting-edge pedal systems meticulously engineered to provide enhanced precision and responsiveness, as well as a meticulously crafted handbrake for those seeking the ultimate racing immersion. With these exciting additions and more products on the horizon, Sim-lab solidifies its commitment to continuously push the boundaries of sim-racing hardware, ensuring that users can indulge in an unrivaled virtual racing experience.
Sim-lab’s unwavering dedication to delivering unrivaled sim racing cockpits and accessories has earned them widespread acclaim, establishing their reputation as the go-to premier brand not only among gamers and e-sports professionals but also throughout the entire sim racing community.
Richard Schouteren
Sim-Lab CEO

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