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Exceptional Quality Meets Unparalleled Expertise

GRID Engineering emerges as a dynamic brand, born from the personal experiences of its founder, Brandon Cawker. Frustrated by the recurring issues he encountered with premium sim-racing products, Brandon took matters into his own hands, delving into the realm of DIY solutions. Driven by a commitment to excellence, he embarked on a mission to create a brand that would redefine the industry.
In a transformative move, Sim-lab, led by visionary CEO Richard Schouteren, acquired GRID Engineering in 2021. Recognizing the immense potential of GRID and its alignment with Sim-lab’s vision, Richard sought to bring together a comprehensive range of products that catered to every need of sim racers. Both Brandon and Richard share a common set of values and goals, emphasizing the delivery of premium quality at a competitive price point, complemented by unparalleled customer service.
Specializing in the manufacturing of high-end electronics, such as cutting-edge dash display units, meticulously crafted steering wheels, and a wide array of accessories, GRID Engineering sets new standards in the industry. Notably, GRID has forged a strategic partnership with Porsche, enabling the production of a select range of replica products that captivate enthusiasts worldwide.
Founded in 2015 by Richard Schouteren, Sim-lab originated from a personal quest to find the ultimate sim-racing cockpit without exorbitant costs. Schouteren embarked on a journey to develop an exceptionally rigid yet fully adjustable cockpit. Today, Sim-lab’s P1-X sim racing cockpit has become the gold standard in the industry. With a global reach, Sim-lab supplies cockpits and accessories to customers worldwide.
GRID Engineering products have garnered widespread admiration and are embraced by a diverse spectrum of users, ranging from passionate enthusiasts to esteemed Formula 1 drivers, affirming their exceptional quality and performance.
Brandon Cawker
GRID Engineering Founder & VP of Product Development

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