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When envisioning Asetek SimSports®, Asetek’s founder and CEO André Sloth Eriksen wanted to do something truly unique – create a broad offering of sim racing gear that would provide sim racers of all levels a real-life racecar feel, and that helped advance racing performance for sim racers and motorsports racers alike.

With his deep experience in racing and developing sim rigs to help improve his and his motorsports driver son’s (Valdemar Eriksen) performance on the track, André came to believe that there was an opportunity to design, develop and manufacture sim racing gear that would provide sim racers full immersion, filling a void in the industry.

Asetek SimSports® products, including wheels, direct drive wheelbases, pedals and accessories, are recognized by industry luminaries and reviewers alike for their performance, reliability, easy set up and customization. Products range from its premium Invicta™ offering, its high-performance high-value Forte® offering, and its high-quality and easily upgradable La Prima™ entry-level offering, along with a variety of upgrade kits, mounting options, wheel paddles, and accessories. Asetek SimSports® will also offer shifters, rigs and other end-user customization options.


Asetek’s approach to product innovation is unique, enabling easy upgradeability, customization, and personalization. Designed as plug’n’play, Asetek SimSports ®products work out of the box by installing Asetek’s custom-made RaceHub™ software, which enables sim racers of all levels to easily adjust settings and personalize their set-up. And many of Asetek’s products can be upgraded as sim racers advance.

To learn more, visit https://www.asetek.com/simsports/

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